Sukma Foundation established in Jakarta in February 2005 in response to the aftermath of the natural disasters triggered by the powerful earthquake and tsunami that struck Aceh and North Sumatera.

Sukma Foundation works to support the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and the advancement of Human Capability and Human Resources Investment though Education.

The Millennium Development Goal number 2 is for all children "girls and boys" to achieve universal primary education. We believe all children should complete a full course of Primary Schooling and more. This is the key to reaching all the MDGs.

The importance of education is our main focus on how to rebuild Aceh. Giving chance for the children to study and build their future, meaning we are re-build Aceh as well. Teacher training and exchange between the schools helping teacher to understand The needs of the students, experience the challenge they face on different cases and developing qualified teachers.