Our Scholarship

There are several reasons why Sukma Foundation chooses to build SukmaBangsa School, which is oriented to children's quality and development. One of the fundamental reasons is the long-term use of community fund that raised through Metro TV- Media Indonesia fundraising program "Indonesia Menangis" to build the schools and reach out to underprivileged Aceh children, give them a chance to be in the school, to be educate and having a good academic performance and be a generation that can take part in nation character building.

Since 2006 to 2012, Sukma Foundation providing 448 scholarship for elementary students, 826 scholarship for junior high students and 744 scholarship for high school students.

In total of 2018 students have benefited from this program and will continue for many years to come. We conducts a defined selection process each year to identify underprivileged children with the greatest potential.