Who we are

December 24, 2005 remembering us to the worst disaster that devastated Aceh and Nias. So many people loose their beloved family and properties. At lease 100.000 claimed died and as many as 1,214 Schools buildings were destroyed, namely 914 Elementary Schools buildings, 155 junior high Schools buildings, 67 senior high Schools, 15 vocational Schools and 63 kindergartens. This is the largest tsunami ever occurred in the history that killed 1,814 teachers and crippled the Aceh State University as 103 lecturers were killed and 92 lecturers are missing.
Mission Statement
The vision of Sukma foundation is to do the human resource investment by saving one Aceh intellectual generation through education.

From the educational perspective, if we do not seriously and comprehensively restore the Schools means and facilities, Aceh may lose its entire intellectuals of one generation.

Some people seem to forget for what has happened in Aceh and Nias. In the fact, the impact of this disaster is still needs to be overcome with continuous and comprehensive management. It still needs much generous help to recover Aceh completely. The generous help will save Aceh which lose 35% of its intellectual potential due to the loss of the facilities and educators.

Sukma Foundation, as a national foundation who cares about the destiny of the Aceh’s next generations, try to take attention of individual and companies around the world to support the recovery of Aceh together by joining actively with our fundraising program