In response to the aftermath of the natural disasters triggered by the powerful earthquake and tsunami that struck Aceh and North Sumatera, the Media Group has been involved in a series of humanitarian activities under the umbrella of “Indonesia Menangis” (Indonesia is Weeping).

The activities of “Indonesia Menangis” are sponsored and linked with the live broadcast and airing of the disasters via Metro TV, the only news channel in Indonesia, which for 40 days in a row conducted round-the-clock coverage of the tsunami disaster in Aceh and North Sumatera, along with Media Indonesia and Lampung Post dailies.

Such humanitarian activities involve active participation of the public, both individuals and institutions, from Indonesia and overseas comprising donations (cash, goods and services) as well as joint programs with various parties and institutions.

The humanitarian activities organized by the Media Group consist of 2 phases. The first phase, namely the emergency response, comprised channeling of emergency goods (food, clothing, medicine, medical goods, equipment, evacuation, tools, building materials, emergency equipment, vehicles, educational equipment, children toys etc.), mobilizing and deployment of volunteers and setting up posts to track missing family members. The first phase overall activities began on 27 December 2004 and ended on 28 February 2005.

The second phase will comprise activities of educational rehabilitation focused on constructing Schools buildings in the disaster areas, helping in the health sector and other sector. The educational sector has become an urgent issue and the first priority because the disaster had virtually made Aceh lost up to 35% of its intellectual’s potentials as a result of teachers, lecturers who were perished and educational facilities that were damaged.

Based on these premises and as a follow up, the management of the whole funds raised from the public through “Dompet Kemanusiaan Indonesia Menangis” (Indonesia is Sweeping’s Humanitarian Wallet) in the second stage will be professionally managed for a longer-term. Accordingly, the Chairman of the Media Group decided to set up a foundation to take care of the fund management under a SUKMA Foundation. This foundation was established in Jakarta pursuant to the Notary Deed number 15 dated 25 February 2005 drawn up by Notary, P.S.A. Tampubolon.